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Dennis Rodrigues

Prior to joining the team at Bermuda Realty, Dennis had more than a decade of experience with GL Construction as Property Manager and Construction Manager. Responsibilities included managing all GL-owned properties and responding to tenant needs, as well as managing construction sites for developments including Ten Dundonald, Six Dundonald, Loughlands and Grand Atlantic. Previous to this, Dennis spent 12 years in retail management, 8 years as General Manager of Eurotile and 4 years as Sales Manager at Pembroke Tile. He also served the community for 7 years as a member of the Bermuda Reserve Police, climbing the ranks to Police Inspector in St. George’s.

Dennis brings a unique combination of skills to the field of property management as he possesses extensive technical knowledge of construction to address building management problems, together with the interpersonal, social and management skills required to address all the details of managing property by ensuring cooperation, confidence and timely action.

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