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Biggest Realty Firm Brings Biggest Benefits

There’s “full-service” and then there’s Bermuda Realty, offering virtually any service related to virtually any type of commercial or residential real estate.

Size Makes Might

Growing to be Bermuda’s largest real estate firm is more than the result of successful management and planning. It also offers a near-endless list of ways clients can benefit from engaging Bermuda’s largest provider of comprehensive real estate services.

Largest inventory of commercial and residential properties for purchase or lease attracts the largest pool of property buyers. In turn, property sellers are more likely to find a buyer.

Leveraging the expertiseof more than fifty real estate professionals feeds unparalleled insight and an ever-expanding knowledge base. All that activity makes us a hotbed for the latest thinking in real estate trends and best practices.

Cutting-edge technology such as Lucero, Realty Plus© and REA all become cost-effective, thanks to our volume of business.

Better, By the Numbers

Maintaining Bermuda’s largest inventory of local property, searchable and online, is just the beginning. From market share to sales rates, from corporate giving to list-to-sell ratios, Bermuda Realty posts numbers that tell the story.

Best Business Practices

Years in the business and economies of size establish us as leaders in the real estate industry and in the community

Community leadership that puts us out in front with corporate donations and sponsorship.

A business planning process that improve operations to benefit clients and attract superior employees. Conducted twice a year, the process focuses both on financial planning and strategic development.

Global Reach

Our affiliation with Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC gives us global reach, linking us to more than 3,000 real estate offices in more than 47 countries and territories and making us the first stop for international buyers seeking real estate in Bermuda. oldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC

Not only does Bermuda Realty share the Coldwell Banker spirit as a pioneer in consumer service, the affiliation lets us share technologies and systems developed by the global real estate leader.

And, through Coldwell Banker Previews International®, we gain leverage for our own niche markets such as resort, new home and luxury properties.

Award Winning

One last measure of excellence is the recognition earned by all areas of our business. Recent awards include recognition as the top company of its size worldwide, awards of first place in the Island Affiliate Region (every year since inception) and designation in the prestigious Coldwell Banker Chairman’s Circle.


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