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The dynamics unique to condominium complexes place unique demands on condominium associations. Day-to-day operation of the complex can be a distraction for association members whose professions and other interests already keep them busy.

That’s why so many condominium associations rely on Bermuda Realty. Building on its capabilities in Commercial and Residential Property Management, our professional property managers bring a special sensitivity and specific expertise to address the issues condominium associations face daily.

Condominium associations may engage Bermuda Realty Property Management at one of two levels.

Full service adds all the other services critical to the smooth operation of your condominium complex, including administration (desktop publishing, member, bid solicitation and evaluation, liaising between the condominium association and its vendors, 24-hour emergency response, etc.), inspections (reports, contractor quality control, etc.) and meetings (agenda preparation, facilitation, minute-taking, etc.).

Accounting only includes all the traditional accounting services such as budget preparation, financial reporting and booking deposits, as well as maintenance of member records. Professional management is especially appreciated when it comes to delinquency follow-up and possible legal action.

Contact Bermuda Realty Property Management now to learn how we can help your condominium association handle the unique dynamics at your complex.


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