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History of Bermuda Realty

Bermuda Realty is the story of many tributaries, flowing together over time to become a major, powerful force. New services and specialties join, each incorporating into the whole. The result is the industry-leading, full-service powerhouse that leads today’s Bermuda’s real estate market.

The real estate firm’s timeline begins in April 1953 when it was founded as L.P. Gutteridge, Ltd. In 1957, Richard Hoskins Masters charted a parallel course, leaving L.P. Gutteridge to start a new firm in a little pink cottage next to the Bermuda Library. He called the firm Bermuda Realty.

A third parallel began in 1977 when Arthur Jones and Ted Gauntlet founded Gauntlet & Jones, a land survey and real estate company. That firm’s fortunes grew steadily, adding Ian Waddington as a shareholder in 1981 and purchasing, in 1981 and 1986, the land survey records of two respected firms. The rising firm became known as Jones Waddington Ltd.

The Meeting of Three Parallel Paths

Meanwhile, L.P. Gutteridge had left its single room on the fourth floor of the old Fire and Marine building, eventually moving to its own L.P.G. building in 1980. The year before, the Bank of Bermuda purchased Bermuda Realty, incorporating under the name Bermuda Realty Company Ltd.

In 1994, the two original companies reconnected with the merger of L.P.G. and Bank of Bermuda’s real estate and mortgage businesses. The merged firm was now known as Bermuda Home, with Bermuda Realty Company as the real estate subsidiary.

The course of history brought other capabilities. Jones Waddington purchased the Bank of N.T. Butterfield’s property management portfolio in 1996 and the Bermuda Realty Company purchased the Property Group’s holiday rental portfolio in 1998. Also in 1998, Jones Waddington extended its international reach with an affiliation with Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC.

A Single, Powerful Resource Manifests

In 1999, the company took the form we know today when Jones Waddington purchased Bermuda Realty. The merger resulted in two divisions: Coldwell Banker JW Bermuda Realty (handling real estate sales) and JW Bermuda Realty (handling professional services).

A year later, the company moved into its current home in Atlantic House on Par-la-Ville Road. At last, under the leadership of owner and majority shareholder Brian Madeiros, all the expertise that has been gathering since 1953 have flowed into a single, comprehensive source for almost every service related to commercial and residential real estate.

Now known as Bermuda Realty Company Limited, the company stands strong, standing above the rest to offer a comprehensive range of real estate services:

Commercial/Condo Management
Commercial Sales1
Commercial Leasing1
International Referrals
Land Surveying2
Residential Property Management
Residential Rentals3
Residential Sales3
Vacation Services

1 Commercial agency services are offered by Coldwell Banker Commercial, a trade name of Bermuda Realty Company Limited.
2 Land Survey services are offered by Bermuda Land Surveys, a trade name of Bermuda Realty Company Limited.
3 Residential agency services are offered by Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty, a trade name of Bermuda Realty Company Limited.



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