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How You Can Live and Work Remotely in Bermuda – For Up to a Year

With 2020 came a global movement toward working from home. For many companies, from big corporate organizations to entrepreneurial startups, […]

Young Couple Stare On The Key In Rieltors Hands. Bright Office. Keys In A Hand. Buying A Property. Panoramic Windows. Business Meeting. Customer And Buyer. Offer Discussion. Professional Agreement.With 2020 came a global movement toward working from home. For many companies, from big corporate organizations to entrepreneurial startups, remote jobs simply became the only choice of action to ensure their survival. Although, the COVID-19 pandemic has slowly lifted its veil, its effect on the modern economy cannot be underestimated. It has a global influence on the way most countries handled their financial decisions. And for islands such as Bermuda, similar changes were made.

For Bermuda, remote jobs had a major makeover. This article explores the remote working possibilities on the island and whether this could be the right choice for you.  The ability to communicate with corporations, startups, and organizations around the world from our subtropical paradise may be easily available.

Bermuda is a self-governing British overseas territory in the western North Atlantic Ocean located off the coast of the United States and within a short two-hour flight of a number of US gateway cities. Bermuda’s laws are established by Bermuda’s own Parliament.

There are plenty of reasons to work remotely irrespective of the terrifying thought of the after-effect of the pandemic. For one, it is convenient and dauntlessly independent. But considering the way technology has made the seamless transition for workers who are considering working remotely and setting up a home office, one cannot resist the ease of the whole process.

So, is it possible for workers in Bermuda – whether self-employed or not? The quick answer is yes. Here is how!

What does it take to work remotely from Bermuda?

After considering the nature of your business activities, you must determine if your business setup will be easy to transition to a home office. For remote jobs, you might also need to consider if you will register your business (this is if your plan is to start your own business). If you are working for an organization not based in Bermuda – foreign companies – your case is different. The nature of your job will rely heavily on technology. Setting up your home office will require some of the following:

  • Smart phone
  • Internet
  • Computer
  • Established communication routine between you and your employer.

(See Bermuda Real Estate Legislation for non-Bermudians.)

Does Bermuda have the resources I need to able to Work Remotely?

The quick answer is Yes. It is possible to be able to switch to a home office lifestyle in Bermuda. It is an ideal destination for entrepreneurs who have an interest in moving there to work from the comfort of their homes. There are a variety of residential accommodation options. One could consider purchasing a home or explore a long- or short-term rental. Those who have decided to switch from commuting from home to the office may also find this beneficial. Everyone has reasons why they choose to work from home; there may be financial reasons like budget cuts, those who are thinking of pioneering start-ups, or parents who wish to work from home while taking care of their children. It does not matter the reason, what matters is that everyone has access to the right resources needed to sustain them as they work from home in Bermuda.

These resources include:

Well Equipped Workspaces

If you plan to work remotely, there are a number of options for you in Bermuda. Many people prefer to create a small office within their home, while others opt for renting executive workspaces. The idea is that it helps to improve productivity and encourages you to focus on doing your job within a stipulated amount of time. In Bermuda, there are blends of shared executive office spaces and workspaces well equipped with basic amenities such as high-speed internet, tech support, printing facilities, private telephones, and so on. Make no mistake, you can set up an office of your own in the comfort of your home, but the best part is there is room for more options. The choice is yours.

Bermuda’s Progressive and Innovative Environment

Considering how the year 2020 has changed the status quo of how we handle security and health issues, it is impressive how Bermuda was able to respond promptly to the pandemic. There has been the formation of protocols and travel management control enacted by the government to secure a pandemic-free territory. Beyond that, the island has maintained a progressive and innovative environment over the years. There is a productive business community and availability of infrastructure that support its residents. It is an ideal destination for entrepreneurs who have an interest in remote work from idyllic locations.

Bermuda’s Natural Open Spaces and Serene Environment

Thanks to its sub-tropical environment, coastal open spaces, and moderate climate, Bermuda is the perfect place to enact your free-living lifestyle. If tranquility is what you are looking for, while working from the comfort of your home, Bermuda is for you!

Sylvia Jones, Concierge Services explains how to fully experience the Bermuda Lifestyle as a non-Bermudian.

There are hundreds of small islands to explore, some of the most picturesque beaches in the world (complete with pink sand), and a laid back, relaxed coastal lifestyle. If you are looking for outdoor activities all year round from running to cycling, the island can very easily accommodate your sporty lifestyle. There is also a rich history and culture of people from European, African and Caribbean ancestry. The official language is English, which is great for those who grew up in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom.

Bermuda might sound like a tourists’ paradise, suitable only for vacations and adventures. However, you’ll find that residing on the island would be an absolute joy. Explore a new country, meet new and interesting people and exchange cultures – all while working remotely.

So how does one seek to work in Bermuda (remotely) while living there?


Obtain a work permit if you are planning to work for a locally domiciled company. Luckily, for citizens of the United Kingdom, United States, or Canada, a visa isn’t required for a short stay. But for someone that requires a longer stay, a work permit will grant you the eligibility needed to work in Bermuda. The one-year Residential Certificate Program is easy to apply for if you are interested in working remotely. Also, note that working remotely in Bermuda for organizations in countries such as the US or UK means you will be paying taxes to your home country.


If you’re looking to live in paradise then take advantage of this opportunity to work remotely from Bermuda.  Our team, at Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty is excited to be a part of this initiative and looks forward to assisting you with the process.

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