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Even when you seek renting as an alternative to buying a home you can harnesses the reach and expertise of Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty, the Island’s largest real estate company.

The many advantages of working with our Residential Rental Team include access to Coldwell Bankers proprietary Personal Retriever, the same online search tool available to home buyers. This tool uses your criteria to constantly scan our rental database and alert you when new listings meet your needs.

We’re also available to present offers to owners of rental property and to help negotiate appropriate rent. And, when you work with one of our rental representatives, you can usually expect the landlord to pay any “finders fees”.

Consider Renting a Home in Bermuda

From luxuriously appointed urban apartments to isolated cottages, Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty makes sure renters have as many choices as home buyers. And, while buying a home remains the ideal choice for many, renting a home presents an attractive alternative.

Renting a home, for example, can be a calming way to wait out a volatile housing market. Plus, there’s no question that renting simplifies financing. Renting a home is also perfect temporary assignments in Bermuda.

What’s more, with restrictions placed on International Buyers, renting may be the only option for citizens of other nations seeking a home in Bermuda.

Moving to Bermuda from Abroad

The leasing specialists at Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty bring special expertise to international referrals. Our knowledge of the rental market and familiarity with the rules and regulations can be a comfort when moving to Bermuda from abroad.

We also can help Bermuda-based employers. Whether you’re bringing in a few new hires or relocating your entire operation to Bermuda, we can smooth the transition by finding the property to make each employee feel truly at home.

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