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Moving During a Pandemic

No matter when you are scheduled to move, it will be stressful. There will be lots of details to coordinate, […]

No matter when you are scheduled to move, it will be stressful. There will bpuppy peeking out oof moving boxe lots of details to coordinate, lots of packing, and unpacking and it will take a good bit of time to get everything settled in your new home. Whether you do it yourself or hire a mover, it will be hard and time-consuming. In the current time where we are going through a pandemic, you are likely to feel even more stress because of that. What are some ways you can handle a move during a pandemic while protecting your family? Here are five ways to add a little more safety to the moving process.

  1. Plan for the move. Don’t just wait and think everything will work itself out. Take time to make preparations and line up your details. Leaving things to chance will add chaos and make it more likely for things to go wrong. A little preparation on your part will make this less likely.
  2. When you are interviewing movers for the big day, ask questions about the safety precautions they are using. Will they wear masks or other protective wear? How frequently do they wash or sanitize their hands? Do they check their temperature each day? Like you will have a plan for your move, moving companies should have plans to keep their employees and customers safe. Asking is the only way to know what they are doing and not doing.
  3. Gather supplies in advance. Gather boxes, protective wrap, gloves, masks, and wipes so you have what you need when you need it and aren’t delayed while you look for more supplies.
  4. A move is sure to expose you to new people and potentially more germs. Be cautious about interacting with lots of new people at one time. Though you will want to meet your new neighbors, take your time and meet them slowly and not all at once. As you are setting up new utility accounts and closing old ones, do as much of this over the phone or online as you can.
  5. Consider hiring a professional cleaner to clean your home before you move anything in. No matter how well the home was cleaned by the prior owner, their germs are sure to be left behind. Because you don’t know if they have or have not been sick recently, hiring someone to do a deep clean is the best way to protect yourself.

No matter when you move, there will be some unexpected surprises to contend with. Planning is the best thing you can do to keep you and your family safe.

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