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Listing # 9085
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3 Lots of Land



5.6 acres total of undeveloped land in Bermuda! This property offers a special development opportunity with a variety of different building options, including potential for a large, private home, a multi-unit home for the family, a seniors residence, a housing development and/or a farm.
Other notable advantages include a desirable location with a five-minute walk to two major grocery stores, minutes from South Shore beaches and tourist attractions like Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, nearby some of the islands best restaurants, easy access to Bermuda on the bordering Railway Trail via walking, biking, or horseback riding, stunning views of the most beautiful area of the island that include the ocean, the harbour, the Little Sound, the Great Sound, Dockyard and Hamilton in the distance.
One of two parcels, the southern parcel is divided into 3 lots, altogether offering 2.37 acres.
This truly is a unique opportunity. Call or email for additional information and to meet on site.


Unique Opportunity
  • 2.37 acres
  • A total of 3 lots
  • Water and overland views
  • A variety of building options

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