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Listing # 6458001
Property name:

Cedar House 5th Floor (Penthouse)


City of Hamilton

Cedar House is located in the central, legal and government sector of the city. It is close to the bus terminal, public parking, Victoria Park and neighboring Appleby Law Firm, Victoria Place, the Shopping Centre and the Pharmacy. The 5th floor north is 5,496 SF with abundance of natural light streaming from the two large balconies of 3,000 SF which are great for entertaining clients and hosting events. The space consists of high quality finishes with an open plan layout (can accommodate up to 25 employees), two large boardrooms, private bathrooms and a large kitchen (equipped with a wine fridge, oven, dishwasher etc.).
There is also a separate and well-equipped gym with male and female bathrooms including 2 showers each on the floor for exclusive use or shared use with limited other tenants of the building.


Cedar House
  • Penthouse level
  • Centrally located
  • Private balcony access
  • An abundance of natural light
Service Charge$7.00$3,206$38,472
Taxes Land
Taxes Corp.
Taxes - Sewage
Taxes (combined)$5.93$2,716$32,591

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