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Listing # 9241
Lot size:

0.46 acres

Property name:

Ingham and Wilkinson


City of Hamilton

Untapped potential awaits at Ingham & Wilkinson Building, 129 Front Street in the City of Hamilton, Bermuda. The building’s use has evolved significantly since the original building was constructed in 1965. Starting as one of the city’s largest lumber distributors in 1978 it ultimately became the home of the iconic furniture store, Creative Interiors, VSB TV radio studios and a multitude of local and international businesses. Construction of the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors was completed in 1983.
Ingham & Wilkinson Building is a 5 story building of 83,000 square feet sits on 0.46 acres consisting of four original city lots which can be accessed from both Front Street and Reid Street. It is predominantly comprised of office space with a balcony that wraps around the exterior, offering unobstructed views of Hamilton Harbour and allowing an abundance of natural light throughout. There is also a retail presence on the ground floor of Front Street and Reid Street. In addtion, there is a conceptual parking plan for the 2nd floor with accessibility from Reid Street.
This hot ticket property is on the market attracting owner occupiers and investors to redefine the future of the Ingham &
Wilkinson Building and how it operates within the Front Street East cityscape.


129 Front Street
  • Constructed in 1965
  • 5 story building
  • 83,000 square feet
  • Access to Front Street and Reid Street

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