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Rosemont City Place #10



Residence #10, King Design. If you are a gardener or have a small pet that would enjoy some yard space, then a King residence at Rosemont City Place could be your ideal home. Located on the ground floor and facing the rear of the property giving a more private feel, there are only two of these particular residences which benefit from having a good amount of greenery around the large private patio for entertaining. Being on the same level as the pool and gym makes it even easier to utilize the amenities that this property has to offer. Just a quick trip from the serene harbour and hustle of Front Street, the spectacular Rosemont City Place boasts the most spacious and elegant residential living near the City of Hamilton. These full size homes come with the amenities of a luxury condominium building located in a quiet residential community. Proximity to Hamilton and spacious, roomy homes make this a unique cosmopolitan living experience. With less than a five minute walk from shops, offices and restaurants, convenience is unparalleled. Available to PRC and International Purchasers.




Luxury condominium building
  • Quiet residential community
  • Close to the City
  • Ground floor
  • Large private patio
  • Pool and gym

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