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Listing # 6155743
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Tamarisk Hall



Tamarisk Hall, 1 Berry Hill Road, Paget – 1,000 sq. ft. – Located across from Crow Lane at the north roundabout; this boutique space features Ground Floor air-conditioned office with an open reception area, an office measuring approximately 18′ x 16′, IT room, additional semi-private office, full bathroom with shower, full kitchen, and storage space. Tasteful detailing featuring Bermuda Cedar door and working fire place with cedar mantle.
Asking Rent $3,500.00/month ($42.00 per sq. ft. per annum)
No service charge.
Land Tax estimated (9.5% of ARV) at $3,610 per annum/$300.83 per month ($3.61 per sq. ft. per annum) +
Electricity separately metered and estimated at an average of $500 per month over a year ($6.00 per sq. ft. per annum).
TOTAL Estimated costs per month = $4,300 (or approximately $51.60 per sq. ft. per annum)
Parking for 2 cars and bike parking included in the rent. Extra parking on Corkscrew Hill.
Land Valuation # 070219010 ARV $38,000


Tamarisk Hall
  • G floor

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