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Listing # 200122
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Upper Apartment with Views

Available Now



Tucked away on a private lane, just off Lighthouse Road, is this adorable 2 bedroom upper apartment. It is in great condition, with a nice sized kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a gas stove, and a beautifully modern bathroom with dual shower heads. There is a designated dining area and living room, which are quite open and flow nicely into each other. The apartment enjoys its own garden, as well as its own driveway and parking area. The best feature is the over-sized porch that has the most stunning view! There is air conditioning throughout, magnetized screening at main entry for easy air flow, and a large shed for
extra storage. Available now. Small pet welcomed.




Property Includes
  • Upgraded kitchen & bathroom
  • Lovely garden
  • Amazing views from porch
  • Extra large porch
  • Separate drive/ parking

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