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Knowing your boundaries is a critical aspect of real estate. With accurate land surveys, you’re in a better position to ensure wise land-use and planning. That makes it critical to enlist the expertise of Bermuda Land Surveys.

Avoid Conflicts, Encroachments and Disruptions

Bermuda Land Surveys deliver the accuracy to avoid such potential problems as conflicts during construction projects, encroachment from neighbors and disruptions in real estate deals. Whether using traditional survey methods or our NEW GPS equipment you can be assured of accuracy and reliable professional advice.

With our reports in hand, you’re better equipped to address concerns related to subdivisions, property plans, boundaries, topographical mapping, land development, setting out for construction purposes and more.

Qualified Assistance, Far-reaching Resources

Bermuda Land Survey clients benefit from Bermuda Realty’s size, scope and long history. Our registered land surveyors draw on our more than forty years experience working with Bermuda’s unique terrain, regulations and customs.

Bermuda Realty’s files contain more than 60 percent of the country’s land records, including historical registries of plans from Jones Waddington Ltd., Gauntlett & Jones, Clarke & Doidge, Robert H. Clarke, Thomas Godet, P.A.D. Smith and J.H. Dale.

Contact Bermuda Land Surveys now to learn how to protect your boundaries—and your investment.


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